Hello Past, Present, And Future Clients,

We hope you’ll be our guest at one, or more of our many casino, resort, and cruise destinations across the globe! Whether you’ve been with us before, or are considering giving us the opportunity to serve you in the near future, we value your business and loyalty.

We’ve carefully hand selected a wide array of first class destinations all around the world for you to experience as you wish. Our unique network within the gaming, travel, and hospitality industries allow us to provide the absolute highest level of service to you.

We look forward to arranging your accommodations!

Sincerely yours,


Josh Fenwick
Chief Executive Officer


What is Lion Gaming & Travel Group?

Lion Gaming & Travel Group is essentially the central Casino Marketing Branch Offices for many casinos, resorts, cruises, and VIP transportation throughout the United States, Caribbean, Europe, Central, and South America. LG&TG is a Casino Host and Travel Concierge service that cater to VIP clientele at casino oriented resorts across the globe. LG&TG has a special relationship with said casino resort properties which allow them to facilitate complimentary requests and client account management for each individual property/ cruise sailing alike.

Is LG&TG for me?

If you enjoy luxury, world class accommodations and travel all while receiving the highest level of customer service, than LG&TG is right for you!

What are the benefits of working with LG&TG?

There are many benefits of working with a Relationship Marketing Executive at LG&TG. The most powerful benefit is that we are a “one-stop shop.” Once you become a client with LG&TG, we create your internal account and are able to offer many exclusive perks among the 80+ casino resort properties of which we are affiliated. For instance, if your dominant casino property that you play at is in Atlantic City, than we are able to use those relevant casino ratings to obtain comparable offerings and special event access at any one of our affiliated properties – both in the U.S., and international. Clients may also experience upgraded offerings that they wouldn’t normally receive otherwise given our special working relationships and heightened business volumes at select destinations.

How do I begin working with an LG&TG representative?

Call one of our Relationship Marketing Executives today to discuss your next trip or fill out a reservation inquiry form on the website.

Are LG&TG Relationship Marketing Executives as useful as casino marketing representatives or hosts whom are located at one specific casino location?

Yes. LG&TG is comprised of experienced and skilled Relationship Marketing Executives whom have the same capabilities as any in Casino Host or Hotel Concierge, if not more in some events.

Is there a fee to use LG&TG's services?

No. LG&TG acts as a consultant to the casino resort properties and transportation outlets alike.

Does LG&TG only get paid when I lose money in the casino?

No, in fact, LG&TG has a special consultant relationship with casino property affiliates whereas they are compensated based on the gambling activity generated by the client, rather than wins or losses. LG&TG and it’s Relationship Marketing Executives want their clients to win so they are happy and visit more frequently. LG&TG has the ability to offer VIP transportation at complimentary status in some cases and at reduced charter rates in other instances due to it’s special relationship with transportation and aviation companies.

If I fill out the reservation inquiry form on the LG&TG website, will my reservation be immediately reserved?

No. Once an online reservation inquiry has been completed, a representative will reach out within 24 hours to confirm or request more information.

Once I book the reservation with a LG&TG representative, will I have a contact person on property to assist me if need be?

Yes. An LG&TG Relationship Marketing Executive at most times is accessible on property during your stay. In the event the RME is not present, there is an on property manager who will be there to fill in should you need assistance.

Is my personal information secure when using the services of LG&TG?

Yes. In fact, your information is very safe when using LG&TG considering our ‘one-stop shop’ business model, your information is not exchanged with new contact point person each time you travel outside of your dominant area. LG&TG has invested time, money, and resources in making sure our filing system is as secure as possible. Your security is our highest priority.

Where is LG&TG based?

LG&TG have Branch Offices in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.